The B Hive | Raw And Honest Mom To Mom Talk

The B Hive | Raw And Honest Mom To Mom Talk

As a mom, there is nothing quite like the bond you create with other moms when you share your daily triumphs and struggles. And let's face it.. Dads, we love you, but the fears and emotions that we have towards 

our babies are on a different level and intensity!

Moms vibe differently!

So having that in mind, I wanted to create a safe space in this blog, where moms can share their stories about the ups and downs of motherhood. Real talk! No judgments! Raw honesty! Moms who are not afraid to admit that they don’t have their sh*t together! Moms who make mistakes! Because motherhood is not what you see in those perfect Instagram photos. Motherhood is hard! And you are not alone!

I truly hope that this series of interviews will bring you a sense of encouragement, hope, and inspiration! 



My first guest is Kalina, 37 years old, a first-time mom to a 1 year old baby boy


What is the best motherhood advice someone has given you?

When you are pregnant literally everyone on this planet will feel the need to give you their advice! It doesn't matter if you have asked for it or not! And it doesn't matter if they have kids or not ( yes, people who don't have kids yet WILL teach you how to be a better parent and YES I am guilty of that too in my past ) 


I remember when I got pregnant, of course, I was happy and excited, but I was also feeling overwhelmed! There are so many things to consider, and so many decisions that you have to make and they are all so important. You will be taking care of another human being after all. Even fun projects like preparing the nursery felt like a mission impossible. Baby registry?! How can I set up this baby registry when most of the things that I need to add to it I didn't even know existed?! Baby wipe warmer??? Do I need a baby wipe warmer? (no you don't) All of the YouTubers have it in their “Top ten must-haves for newborns” videos soo I probably do.. (no you don't). I am getting it! 


Then I began religiously watching “How to sleep train your baby” videos. After sharing my recently acquired baby knowledge with my mother, she basically told me I was clueless and that was not the correct way to do it! That just added to my feelings of being overwhelmed and insecure about becoming a good mom.  


So after a series of mini-mental breakdowns, I called one of my mom friends to vent and she told me this: 

“YOU are the best mom to your baby! 

YOU know best what is good for your baby! YOU are the mom, whatever you decide is indeed the best for him and don't let anyone ever make you doubt that! 


I often remember those words and this now is my “mommy affirmation”. Read it again and when you feel helpless just repeat it to yourself! :)  


What was the most surprising or unexpected thing you experienced during pregnancy?

Well, to be honest, I've read a lot of articles about pregnancy, so I was aware of all the symptoms, changes to your body, different moods, hormones, and all that good stuff. But the thing that caught me off guard was actually during postpartum! Because when we think about pregnancy, we only focus on those 9 months and after that is all about taking care of your baby. Obviously, that is the most important thing, however, Mother Nature is not done with us just yet:) 


Around my third month postpartum I noticed that I was losing a lot of hair! And I mean A LOT! I'm not exaggerating when I say that every time I touched my head, big clumps of hair would fall off! I know! (Monica Geller voice) But before you freak out as I did, let me tell you - it is a temporary condition! Your hair will grow back but it takes some time! It’s been 13 months since I gave birth and I can say I now have a lot of baby hair growing! You don’t really need to invest in expensive and magical serums for hair growth, it's all hormones, so once they balance out you will notice your new hair:)


What is one thing you couldn't live without during pregnancy? 

If I have to choose one thing, that would be my belly oil. My belly was pretty big and the skin stretching was quite uncomfortable at times. I used to have a few bottles placed strategically around the house so as I went through my daily activities I would stop and apply belly oil! It was such a relief because that itchy skin can drive you insane! And you already have your hormones doing that for you sooo.. yeah.. And I don't have any stretch marks even with the “ are you having twins?” size belly that I had. 

So bottom line- use a lot of belly oil , and remember - you don't need a baby wipe warmer! 

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