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Hey there and welcome to the hive!

If you are reading this, we already have something in common- we are moms who spent lots and lots of hours researching the safest products and ingredients for their babies! ( Also, if any dads are reading this- I salute you)

I am a mother of a handsome boy, I was born in Europe but living in the States. When i became a parent i realized i don't really have any “mom friends” here who can share their experience, wisdom and recommend  the best products that they have used. And since i wanted the purest and safest ingredients to go on my baby's skin i spent hours reading and researching.. but i was never able to find the perfect combination of ingredients. So since i couldn't find what i was looking for I created it!

HoneyB product are created to protect and nourish, just like mommies do! Paraben and phthalate free, made with plant based ingredients and always cruelty free! None of the bad stuff! And of course, made with a lot of love for the little ones !

So sit back, warm up you coffee ( i know it got cold already) and keep reading! I promise to share the most valuable information i have gathered while creating HoneyB so you can be sure you are giving the best to your baby! 

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